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Am I Right for You?

If you’re like most people I work with, you found me because of one of these reasons:


You are searching for, creating, or enhancing a business plan, putting together a sales or marketing campaign, or trying to implement efficient business processes. You are someone who sincerely wants to do better.


You may be at my website because you need some help professionally, personally, or both — improving your job performance, making a career change, or hoping to change your life somehow. Maybe you’re trying to figure out what to do next and how to do it best. I am in my 50s, and I’m still growing and self-actualizing. You might be in a toxic relationship (probably not your first), or your life feels off-kilter and empty.


Perhaps your life is working, but you crave to make it so much better. If you’re on the path of personal development, I may be your next vital phase along the enlightened path you eagerly seek.

Business, professional or personal growth all follow the same process. They’re all intertwined, and it’s up to you to integrate everything smoothly. We have more life choices than ever before in human history, along with the unfortunate luxury of being anxious about the ones we should choose. If all you had to do was step outside your cave and survive the day food hunting for you and your family, I’d be out of business, pronto. There can be clarity from necessity, and I know how to do that.


Here’s a tool for you to try right now. Get out a piece of paper and draw your best version of a coffin. Yes, you heard me. The box that will be your last place of residence on this earth. I want you to hold multiple thoughts at the same time. One is imagining yourself a day before they lay you down in the box. Now, think about whatever life challenge is currently consuming your time and attention. Finally, choose how important your current issue is in relation to the ultimate ending that inevitably awaits you. You may find this exercise morbid. However, absolute reality has a way of clearing the way for a focused and obvious outcome.


You’ll be amazed at the confidence that comes from stripping away the stories you’ve been falsely telling yourself instead of operating at the level of genuine authenticity. I have a small toy coffin sitting on my desk that acts as a constant reminder when I get caught up in story-based thinking that diverts me from successful ventures and fruitful life experiences.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll see that working with me really differs from your typical business consultant or life coach. Let’s talk about the reasons you came here and what I can do to help. My experiences and training have shaped me into the unique growth advisor I am today. My all-important mission is to be alongside you, so you’ll happily create your way to an enjoyable and fulfilling life. I take this responsibility seriously. We’re not talking crystals, unicorns, or empty cliches here. You know for certain that your life journey will end like all of us.


The question is, “What are you going to do from birth to box?”


If we choose to work together, I’ll walk with you every step of the way on a road you’ll never forget… or regret. That, I promise.

What Others Say

for NetIQ

"Adam has a deep knowledge of consulting – what works and what doesn’t. He is extremely diligent with excellent attention to detail and communication skills."

for NetIQ

"Adam has a deep knowledge of consulting – what works and what doesn’t. He is extremely diligent with excellent attention to detail and communication skills."

for Ricoh Americas Corporation

"Adam's ability to translate complex topics into obvious benefits is a key strength, all the while delivered with a sense of humor that is quite engaging."

Going All the Way

You DO have abilities and potential you likely haven’t yet discovered or perhaps denied. My contribution is finding new, unexpected solutions to the challenging problems and demanding situations you face.


What does that look like, and how does it turn out?


Some people work with me because of my entrepreneurial and innovative successes. They come looking for fresh ways to cultivate personal growth and have their company expand and prosper. Others engage me because of my firsthand experiences and abilities, helping people overcome personal obstacles or challenging business issues. Because life does not distinguish between business and personal dilemmas, fixating on one or the other often results in a confusing or painful mixture of everything.


Whether we are talking about personal or business development, the only two constants in life are change and death. We already covered the wonderful perspective and grounding that the journey from birth to box gives us. Therefore, let’s cover what happens along the way. To move forward, you first need to understand a fundamental principle of how the world works and your destined place in it.

You’ve arrived at a critical understanding for success. The thing that makes you truly special — which gives you an edge in life — is your individuality and desire to make a difference. Unfortunately, this same individuality conflicts with society’s need for compliance and control. I am not anti-society. I’m merely calling out that, for our society to run as desired, a situation is created that often causes tension with those who operate from a place of individuality and innovative thinking. However, if you know how society fundamentally works, you can thrive within it.


I love what I do because I am keenly aware of how special the people I work with are. I know that everyone, including you, is a one-of-a-kind combination of atoms, energy, chemicals, and natural elements that came together at one unique moment in time. And that your exclusive makeup will never happen again. Add to that a lifetime of victories, failures, and adventures, of which the result is an exceptional person experiencing the world from one very individualized point of view. Working with you allows me to see life from an unfamiliar perspective. This exchange propels my growth and development. I am grateful for such interactions and see it as my duty to help you enjoy your gifts and capitalize on your talents and character traits.

Being Complete

Life sees no distinction between your company, job, self-development, or your relationships. All things conform to the same repeating process of chaotic change, followed by a return to balance. The critical phases in the process may be called different names. The cycle is the same: 


1. Exploration 2. Formation 3. Coordination 4. Implementation 5. Evaluation


Continued growth comes from this process repeating itself in different situations and improving from it. Because everything I do is based on a philosophy of enlightenment through practicality, a byproduct of working with me is your independence and freedom. The goal is for you to learn the practical skills needed for rapid and ongoing growth.


I’ll always be available to help with course corrections or further guidance as needed. What makes me different (and I believe much better) in this business is that my long-term goal is to enhance my role with you into a profoundly caring and helpful mentor-friend who challenges, supports, and motivates you on to victory. My continuous focus on innovative strategies and solutions will give you powerful values added to an already proven and worthy process. I’ll get tremendous pleasure from helping you discover and unleash your innate talents. This is so much more than a job for me. When we consistently and successfully work together, you’ll feel a deep sense of satisfaction and pride. You’ll be confident and driven to do what you thought was impossible.

If you want to explore the possibility of working together, please contact me to schedule a convenient time to talk or meet. I hope it will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in yourself!

Primary Choices Program 

I based the Primary Choices Program on the raw principle of Growth by Choice. When it is reinforced by applying your expanded imagination and contribution, any change to be the “best you can be” not only sticks but goes forward to influence hundreds of other people around you. It can be that powerful, depending upon to what extent you invest in yourself.

Questions and Answers

The Primary Choices Program enables individuals, teams, and organizations to create effective systems of transformation. You can only achieve genuine growth and progress through practiced action. You will learn to use dynamic and uplifting tools grounded in the universal principle that you can overcome your negative patterns and beliefs that imprison or limit you from thriving and reaching your grand goals.

The Primary Choices Program focuses on the unification of work and life into a completely integrated outcome. Most Life Coaches and Business Consultants emphasize only one type of result, such as goals and beliefs or efficiency and income. Life Coaches are typically trained to help their clients with personal interventions and recommendations. But they do not have a broad range of real-world experiences or business acumen. Business Consultants may talk about Profit and Loss statements or balance sheets. But they are ill-equipped to help with the intense stresses that come with corporate jobs or running a business. Using the Primary Choices model, we will address a broad range of personal obstacles and business potential.

The Primary Choices Program’s methods and tools enable you to see limiting barriers that constrain you, such as fear-based thinking, negative communication patterns, and toxic business or personal relationships. You will take practical action steps to balance and integrate your work and life responsibilities. In a relatively short amount of time, you will learn to transform and upgrade your situation into an expanded and unified life.

Psychotherapy works within a medical framework — identifying and diagnosing dysfunctions and prescribing treatment. The Primary Choices model is not meant to replace medical care. The skills stand on their own or can complement other counseling or therapy modalities. The Primary Choices Program starts with you at the center. It expands to you taking practical steps towards your goals, relationships, and the enhanced experiences you want and deserve.  I will be there from start to end until the process is complete.


The program operates on the fundamental premise that solutions are available to you right now for greater well-being and happiness that naturally comes from making the right choices for your growth path and destination. My principal aim is for you to experience unbounded joy and deep fulfillment because of your hard-earned efforts. You will learn a distinctly practical approach to making the right choices to ensure your goals are achieved.

I always begin by learning as much as possible about your personality, talents, life experiences, and much more. I dig deep to learn your most desired outcomes, your highest priorities to make a difference, and the relationships you want to create or improve. By understanding your world from your physical, mental, and emotional status, lifestyle, and experience, I can be that highly effective advisor for your intended (evolutionary or revolutionary) transformation. 


You’ll find our time together is a very personalized experience. You will be heard, understood, supported, challenged, and motivated. You will be presented with a unique perspective and a series of creative ideas and strategies to boost your growth. You’ll gain a more remarkable ability to see the exciting “big picture” of your growth plan, find and improve vital relationships, engage in daily actions to see, and take advantage of opportunities and stop the gripping, draining, and demoralizing patterns of fear and resistance that hold you back from living the abundant life you should have!

Primary Choices are pragmatic skills designed with the goal of total work-life integration. The model uses a creative and uniquely universal set of tools that apply to any system. Business expansion follows the same principles of any growth process. Primary choices become the essential starting points of all individual, team, and company decisions.

Primary Choices are used by committed managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders to generate unparalleled attention, understanding, personal responsibility, team cohesion, and the highest achievement standards.

The Primary Choices Program uses a broad spectrum “toolbox” including assessments, action plans, and interventions to focus on your needs, challenges, and goals. You can expect to work on one or more of the following Work-Life integration areas:

  • Creating Authentic Value Statements
  • Developing a Deep Understanding of Identity
  • “Engineering” a Vision, Purpose, and Direction
  • Creating Reality-based Growth Plans
  • Improving Job Satisfaction and Work Settings
  • Building Authentic and Practical Win-Win Relationships
  • Improving Critical Thinking and Decision-Making
  • Reversing Negative Environments
  • Career Change Exploration and Transition
  • Self-Care and Getting Your Priority Needs Met
  • Ridding Yourself of Anger, Fear, Anxiety, and Stress
  • Better Handling of Grief, Loss, Sadness, and Change
  • Food, Nutrition, and Optimal Health

The training focuses on integrating diverse elements for maximum effect on your growth and progress. You will concentrate on purpose/mission discovery, goal setting, mindset, and communication development. You will get battle-tested methods to launch your growth plan into a rapid ascent.


You learn about all levels of your needs, triggers that set you off, and how perspective shifts affect your emotions, behavior, and physical state. You and I will then expand your ability to think in a much more creative fashion, thus exploding your choices and possibilities. You will envision potential in every aspect of your upward growth and be able to expand and deepen all your relationships while overcoming the fears that have choked your progress and fulfillment along your life’s path.

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Adam Halpern

Adam Halpern

“My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives." - Mel Brooks