6 Daoist Secrets to a Fulfilling Life

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What do you think of when you think of a Daoist sage? What comes to mind? Chances are you envisioned an old man with a flowing white beard. A wise person. Someone who lives a serene life of fulfillment.

Daoist sages are not born. They are made. Fulfillment is something that is cultivated and can improve with time. A passion for knowledge and experience is partly why Daoists have traditionally been obsessed with longevity and immortality. It takes a long time to figure things out!

Here are some fulfillment secrets that Daoist sages share and several pathways for getting there yourself.

Daoist sages have lots of experiences.

The reason it’s often said that fulfillment comes with age is because, typically, older people have had more life encounters than their younger counterparts. And experience is one of the true cornerstones of fulfillment.

Daoists absorb everything.

It’s not just experiencing things that lead to fulfillment; it is learning from them; not everyone does that. The key is soaking up lessons wherever you are, whether it’s the town where you’ve lived your entire life or adventuring in distant lands.

Daoist sages see what’s right in front of them.

Basically, they understand the obvious. However, it’s not that they know more about something. It’s that they know the deeper meaning of seemingly ordinary things.

We all know we are going to die, for example. Daoist sages better understand that meaning and live differently, emphasizing relationships, spirituality, and fulfillment rather than more surface markers of success.

Sages meditate.

Contemplation is critical for understanding the deeper meanings of things. Therefore, meditation — self-awareness — has long been considered a road to fulfillment. It is a method for experiencing everyday life by observing the breath or bodily sensations. Naturally, things come up, and the trick is to accept them and not respond adversely.

Daoist sages grow from crises.

People who live fulfilling lives have often survived traumatic events. Furthermore, they have effectively processed them. But fulfillment can also come from managing more minor challenges — such as a terrible day at work or someone cutting you off in traffic. Everyday life is full of minor obstacles. In reality, these are simply events. It is up to you to assign meaning (positive or negative) to them.

Daoists are tolerant.

Kindness is a critical component of fulfillment. One may have a keen understanding of themselves and great insights into how the world works. However, true fulfillment comes from seeing yourself as you really are and the grace to accept others accordingly.

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