Are You a Daoist Sage and Don’t Know it?

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Who is a Daoist?

Daoists combine big thinking and skilled action.

Daoists are abstract thinkers and practical doers. They can explore the unknown and effectively use what they learn in the real world. Intellectual inquiry and innovative action are what they thrive on.

They’re curious about the big questions and always seek concrete answers. For Daoists, engaging in an engaging discussion is not enough to satisfy their intellectual ambitions.

Daoists are big thinkers that get it done. What’s most interesting about those with this worldview is that they’re often quite aware of their wisdom. It comes as little surprise when someone suggests they’re an “old soul” or a “cosmic citizen.”


The Sum is Greater than the Parts.

The most powerful characteristic of Daoist thinking is that, by balancing deep understanding with the goal of practical applications, one develops the skill to find the empowering meaning in any situation and then turns that knowledge to their advantage.


How to Exercise and Strengthen Your Daoist Perspectives?

You are not born with a fully developed set of Daoist skills. They are learned and developed. Here are a few ways to experience Daoist thinking and actions in your daily life:

 Visit an astronomical observatory
 Give yourself time to daydream
 Experiment with different meditation
 Keep a list or journal of random thoughts and essential tasks
 Develop your critical thinking skills
 Study ancient and modern philosophers
 Join a community of people discussing big-picture ideas and actions


Learn how to turn any difficult situation to your advantage.


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