“Embrace the suck.”
Why Unpleasant Events are a Path to Wisdom

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Often, life presents us with moments that require deep reflection and decision-making. These crossroads are not always clear-cut—should we turn left or right? Move up or down? The direction taken could be transformative or create unexpected obstacles. But one thing is certain; you won’t know the result until you take that first step.


One of the greatest challenges of being human is making choices that might not result in a positive outcome. But what if you had a different worldview? What if you engaged in every experience, even the unpleasant ones, as an opportunity to learn a new skill, one that will provide an edge in life?


With that perspective, you would come to realize that, in life, there are no wrong choices – only different paths towards a common destination—Your Way.


Daoism teaches that your path is your Way. Every step taken brings clarity to your journey. The obstacles you encounter along the way serve a purpose in your life. They provide the necessary guidance to stay on track.


These challenges are not simply inevitable but also essential. Much like how a butterfly must struggle out of its cocoon to grow stronger and use its wings, we, too, must endure difficult situations in order to develop and succeed.


Unpleasant experiences are only harmful if you assign a negative meaning to them. In reality, all experiences are neutral. It is up to you to interpret them in relation to your Way. Approaching events as opportunities for growth and direction leads to a more realistic and mature way of being.


There is nothing wrong with feeling afraid. Fear is a natural response to unfamiliar circumstances. But if you understand that all experiences lead to valuable skills, moving forward and taking action can turn hesitation into appreciation. Let curiosity be your guide. As my teacher used to tell me… “Embrace the suck. It’s worth it.”

Learn how to turn any difficult situation to your advantage.


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